Velo McLaren Watermelon Mint

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6 MG/G


Mint, Menthol


The limited Velo McLaren Racing Edition introduces a fruity watermelon flavor with a hint of mint. HOW MUCH NICOTINE DOES VELO MCLAREN SNUS HAVE? Velo McLaren carries a nicotine strength of 6 mg per pouch, rated at 2 out of 4 points on the strength scale. This translates to a nicotine intensity of approximately 9 mg per gram. Due to its moderate nicotine dose, Velo Snus is ideal for beginners, novices, and former smokers of light cigarettes. The pouches also come in a unique Mini format, making them inconspicuous and discreet while delivering a quicker and stronger release of nicotine and flavor. Produced by BAT (British American Tobacco), a well-known manufacturer recognized not only for its cigarettes and Heets but also for former snus and nicotine pouch brands like Lyft and Epok. Each can contains 20 nicotine pouches in the Slim format.

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