Velo Berry Frost Mini

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6 MG/G


Forest Berry-Raspberry


The flavor of this variant is described as a blend of forest berries and raspberries, with a fine and gentle finish of sweet berries. Velo Berry Frost Snus provides a good alternative to the classic mint flavor and is well-suited as an everyday all-rounder. The nicotine content of Velo Berry Frost Mini is rated 2 out of 4 points on the strength scale, with a pleasant 6mg per pouch. This corresponds to a nicotine intensity of 9mg per gram. Due to its moderate nicotine dose, Velo Berry Frost Snus is excellent for beginners, novices, and former smokers of mild cigarettes. The pouch format is also noteworthy, as the nicotine pouches are available in a mini size. This makes them extremely discreet on one hand, and on the other hand, the nicotine and flavor are released faster and more intensively. Velo Berry Frost is produced by BAT (British American Tobacco), a well-known manufacturer not only for its cigarettes and Heets but also for former snus and nicotine pouch brands like Lyft and Epok. Each can contains 20 mini-sized nicotine pouches.

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