Mixpack Fix Fruity

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16 MG/G


5 fruity flavors


Get ready for a burst of flavor! Fix guarantees an intense taste experience from the very first moment until the last. This mixpack offers a delightful journey through five different flavors, ranging from fruity blueberry to refreshing watermelon. Featuring a nicotine content of 16 mg/g (10.9 mg/pouch), Fix Snus proudly falls under the “Extra Strong” category, making it an ideal choice for regular users. The Fix Kiwi Strawberry variant, with a nicotine content of 14 mg/g (9.5 mg/pouch), also joins the “Extra Strong” category. Manufactured in Sweden by Habit Factory, a producer renowned for their attention to detail, Fix ensures a premium quality snus experience. Each can contains 20 nicotine pouches in a slim format, offering both convenience and style for your snus enjoyment. Dive into the world of Fix and elevate your taste experience with this diverse and satisfying mixpack.

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