Fix Fig Raspberry

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12 MG/G


Raspberry & Fig, Fruit, Sweet


Prepare for an incredibly vibrant taste experience featuring the intense fusion of fig and raspberry with this product. The Fix brand, synonymous with “Flavor your Index,” is a pioneer that revolutionizes the taste experience within the realm of nicotine pouches. These products not only deliver an extremely intense and sweet aroma during and after use but are also affiliated with FIX, a brand under the wing of the Swedish company Habit Factory in Sweden AB. Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, this seasoned manufacturer operates on a CO2-neutral basis for production, ensuring a harmonious balance between indulgence and eco-consciousness. Encased within each can are 20 nicotine pouches in a slim format, offering a convenient and stylish option for those seeking an intense and flavorful journey. Embrace the Fix brand and elevate your nicotine pouch experience with the vibrant blend of fig and raspberry, all while contributing to a more environmentally conscious choice.

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