Fedrs #Hard Mango

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65 MG/G


Mango, Honey


Experience the essence of a tropical forest getaway! Crafted specifically for enthusiasts of exotic fruity delights, this flavor is a sweet concoction designed to captivate candy lovers. The combination of honey and succulent mango is sure to spark new ideas—a treat you’ll find yourself indulging in repeatedly! With a nicotine content of 65 mg/g, this snus is tailored exclusively for seasoned users and is not recommended for beginners. The remarkably dry composition of Fedrs nicotine pouches ensures an extended consumption period, delivering a consistent and enduring flavor experience. In the production of Fedrs Nicotine Pouches, only pure medical nicotine and meticulously chosen flavorings from Switzerland are utilized. This commitment results in a high-quality product crafted for the enjoyment of snus aficionados. Each can comprises 20 slim-format nicotine pouches for your satisfaction.

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